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Pale Globe Thistles
6 July 2017

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Broken Lamp
31 May 2017

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I Want To Sleep...
4 April 2017

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3 March 2017

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The Summer Princess-2
27 July 2016

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My Self-11
9 December 2015

Recent Comments

Mireille T. on The Canary Market ------> 3
Lovely scene! Well done!

Devi on The Canary Market ------> 3
Strange a cat near the canary be it will catch one !!!!

omid on The Canary Market ------> 3
وااااااااااای عجب عکسی شده خیلی خوووب و ...

Steve Rice on The Canary Market ------> 3
Ha ha, tha cat can read! He'll have a bird, too.

Steve Rice on The Canary Market ------> 2
I guess she's off to get a bird. Neat shot!

omid on The Canary Market ------> 2
مجموعه ثبت مستندِ جالب و قشنگ

Devi on The Canary Market ------> 1
simple !

Existence Artistique on The Canary Market ------> 1
intéressant résultat

Mireille T. on The Canary Market ------> 1
I don't understand everything, but I can feel the austere character of the building!

Shaun on The Canary Market ------> 1
A superb image. I like the building here, and wonder what it is and how old.

omid on The Canary Market ------> 1
نگاه خوووووب ... ثبت جاااااااااااااالب ... بافت های دوست داشتنی و یه ...

Steve Rice on -
Excellent! Really beautiful image.

Existence Artistique on -
belle composition

Sam on -
Beautiful sky at sunset. Lovely colours. :)

Sam on To Touch The Sun...
Brilliant capture. Lovely. :)

Sam on -
Wow. So beautiful. Excellent. :)

Sam on Together...
Wonderful Image. Excellent composition. Excellent. Congratulations on your spotlight. :)

Devi on -
wow...a fabulous shot !!!!!

omid on -
چه خوب و قشنگه ... ایده، رنگها، أشکال و بافت های خیلی خیلی زیبا

omid on -
خیلی زیباست و دووووست داشتنی ... رنگها، نورها و ضدّنورِ قشنگ

Shaun on -
What a superb image. Excellent subject. 5*

Mireille T. on -
He has such wonderful eyes ! Excellent!

Mireille T. on Reposting
Very dreamy and beautiful!

Mireille T. on -

Mireille T. on -
Like the different threads of life! Superb art work!

Mireille T. on -
Beautiful photo!

mohammad on -
ترکیبِ نقش ها و رنگ ها چشم نواز و زیباست باز هم نوآوری و نگاهی که ...

Steve Rice on -
Amazing needlework and a superb image!

Existence Artistique on -

Devi on -
Lovely..the design and the arrangement of threads ! Beautiful :)))

Shaun on -
This is just superb. A fabulous image. Well done. 5*

omid on -
از این طرف : ترکیب، رنگها، نورها، سایه ها و گلهای قشنگ ... از اون ...

omid on Reposting
هر کسی کو دور ماند از اصل خویش باز جوید روزگار وصل خویش ... خیلی ...

Jean-Luc.M on Reposting
Une photo toute en douceur, bravo.

Existence Artistique on Reposting
C'est du bon boulot et une intéressante recherche

Steve Rice on Reposting
A gorgeous art piece!

Hiro on Reposting
beautiful and delicate

Mirjam on Together...

Steve Rice on -
A beautiful composition. I like those bright spots of red.

Devi on -
sweet little kid !

Tede on Together...
Splendid image, congrats my friend !!!

Steven on -
A wonderful sense of elation captured here!! Great capture!

Steve Rice on -
"And the monster put up his big arms just like this!" A cute shot of the story teller.

omid on -
ثبتِ کودکانه ی قشنگ ... ژست، فوکوس، رنگها، بوکه و نگاهِ ناقلایانه ی ...

Elaine Hancock on Together...
This is just gorgeous. The silhouettes are just beautiful! Congratulations on the Spotlight!

Brett on Together...
Beautiful photo. The silhouette in this picture is great!

Le Krop on Together...
Sublime image : bravo !

Colette on Together...

Ruthiebear on Together...
Congratulations on your SPOTLIGHT!

Dimitrios on Together...
well done

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