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Broken Lamp
31 May 2017

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I Want To Sleep...
4 April 2017

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3 March 2017

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The Summer Princess-2
27 July 2016

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My Self-11
9 December 2015

Recent Comments

omid on -
چه غریب ... ترکیب، نورها و فضای قشنگ

omid on Finding The Light...
خخخ خیلی خیلی ناز و قشنگ و جالبه :)

omid on -
چه ثبت خانومانه و قشنگی ... ایده، ترکیب، فوکوس و فلو، رنگها و ...

L'Angevine on -

mohammad on -
کیفیّتِ رنگ و وضوح بسیار مناسب است همین طور با تمرکز روی دست و ...

Steve Rice on -
Cool shot.

L'Angevine on Finding The Light...

Shaun on -
A superb image. I like the hand holding herbs. Excellent.

Devi on -
Lovely here... the hand, the bracelet and the green leaves...( Is that used for flavouring dishes and making pickles ?)

Mireille T. on -
Beautiful close up on the hands and bracelet!

Mhelene on -
Superb framing .

Hiro on -
Very nice capture !

Shaun on Finding The Light...
I have to say that this little girl, looks so happy in her work. Superb image.

Steve Rice on Finding The Light...
Such a happy helper!

Mireille T. on Finding The Light...
She is pretty! Lovely expression!

Dimitrios on Finding The Light...
a most HAPPY moment****

Devi on Finding The Light...
that really cute !!!!!!

Hiro on Finding The Light...
So cute !!

L'Angevine on -
bel effet

Alimohammad on -
چه تک درخت زیبایی و چه خوب که عکس سیاه سفیده

Chetan on -
Lovely frame in the B & W

Steve Rice on -
Life perseveres in the harshest places.

Devi on -
Great mood here !

Mireille T. on -
A very resilient tree indeed! Superb black and white photo!

Curly on -
Simple graceful shot, and it looks so good in black and white.

Hiro on -
nice original framing

L'Angevine on -
bien ce jaune

Mhelene on -
Superb composition and atmosphere of loneliness .

Steve Rice on -
A wonderful image of these hands and the balloon.

L'Angevine on -
génial ces tissés

Devi on -
:))))))))))))))))) Letting the air out ? A cute image !

Shaun on -
This is a superb capture. I really like this one.

Mireille T. on -
I love the feeling of innocence in this photo! Lovely capture!

omid on -
چه ثبت قشنگی ... زاویه ی دید، ترکیب، فوکوس، فلو و ...

Steven on -
Eye-catching weaving being done in the wire fencing!!

Mireille T. on -
Very interesting capture of the woman with a feeling of suspense!

Mireille T. on Sweet Dreams!
Magnificent composition which tells so much!

Mireille T. on Waiting...
Stunning focus ! Excellent!

Mireille T. on Just Pass!
Very beautiful scene !

Mireille T. on -
A lot of clever symbols in this photo!

Mireille T. on -
I love the strong meaning of this photo! Excellent timing!

Mireille T. on -
Very striking and beautiful capture!

Mireille T. on -
Wonderful patchwork in the city! Lovely scene!

Steve Rice on -
A beautiful street art quilt. Wonderful image.

L'Angevine on -
bien avec cette arrière

Devi on -
how nice these patterns and colours look !

Shaun on -
Superb patterns and color in this image. A nice capture.

sara on -
سلام فاطمه جان هم عکس جالب و پرانرژی شده و هم متن کوتاه اما ...

omid on -
ثبت مستند ساده و قشنگ ... پس زمینه، نورها و أشکال خیلی زیبا

Curly on -
The lines in the background are quite hypnotic :-)

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