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I Don Not Know It`s Name...
18 December 2017

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Pale Globe Thistles
6 July 2017

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Broken Lamp
31 May 2017

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I Want To Sleep...
4 April 2017

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3 March 2017

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The Summer Princess-2
27 July 2016

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My Self-11
9 December 2015

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on Let Me Scream!
excellente recherche

Ralf Kesper on Let Me Scream!
Cool kid :)

omid on Let Me Scream!
بلا * ... این عدم کارکرد درست کلید "ل" دردسری شده برام

omid on Let Me Scream!
خخخخ ثبت لحظه ی قشنگ و جالبی شده ... امیدوارم عکاس این با رو سر کودک ...

Steve Rice on -
A lovely rose bush in the basket. A clever composition.

omid on -
اینها بافته هایی با شاخه های درختچه ی ارغوانه قدیم ها ازشون صافی ...

omid on -

omid on -
چه تجیر خوشگلی داره گل سرخ تون

Existence Artistique on -

Ralf Kesper on -
Clever and effectful inscinated.

Ronnie 2¢ on -
Very effective . . it works !

Steve Rice on Reyhaneh // ریحانه
A pretty portrait of this serious young woman.

Ralf Kesper on Reyhaneh // ریحانه
Wonderful portrait. Really good expression, contrasts, b/w-toning and bokeh.

Existence Artistique on Reyhaneh // ریحانه
beau regard

Steven on Reyhaneh // ریحانه
Splendid portrait as she peers through your lens!!

omid on Reyhaneh // ریحانه
چه پرتره ی خوب و قشنگی ... ترکیب، فوکوس و بوکه ی خیلی زیبا

Anna Cherer on Reyhaneh // ریحانه
Beautiful portrait, BW and dof !

Anna Cherer on -
Nice bokeh !

Steve Rice on -
An ancient tree.


Steven on -
Splendid close-up with great textures and patterns!

Anna Cherer on -
Beautiful textures and BW !

Libouton Martine on -
Une belle prise j'aime

Ralf Kesper on -
Really good contrasts and textures.

Existence Artistique on -

omid on -
دلا بمیـــــــــز که میر تو کارها بکند X_X ثبت جاااااااااااااالب ...

Ronnie 2¢ on -
Like a record of Time.

Steve Rice on -
A small hand entered the frame just after you clicked the shutter. ;-)

omid on -
وای چه وسوسه انگیــــــــــــزناکه ... فوکوس، رنگها، نورها و ...

Steven on -
A refreshing drink accompanied by eye-catching bokeh work!

Devi on -
Nice bokeh. But I love and want that juice !!!!

Existence Artistique on -

Marjolein on -
Very nice bokeh. Vintage lens???!!

Ralf Kesper on -
Yes, this bokeh is superbe. Good presentation.

Annima on -
Nice bokeh!

Ronnie 2¢ on -
Somehow, we cannot help but see the bigger picture . .

Steve Rice on -
Such a sweet portrait.

Existence Artistique on -

Ralf Kesper on -
Adorable kids portrait.

omid on -
امیدوارم در مورد رنگها مسخره م نکرده باشید فقط :))))))

omid on -
خیلی نااااز و قشنگه ... ترکیب، فوکوس، رنگها و بووووووکه ی خیلی خیلی ...

Ronnie 2¢ on -
A sweet study . . the specs suit her !

Ruthiebear on -
Congratulations on your SPOTLIGHT!

Aubélia on -
Congratulations on the spotlight.

Ronnie 2¢ on -
. . and how lovely to see this powerful image in the Color Spotlight !

Mireille T. on -
Congratulations! Very moving and beautiful!

omid on -
عکس جالبی شده اما نمی دونم چه پیامی رو می خواد بیان کنه ... عجیبه که ...

Shaun on -
Congratulations on the spotlight.

Steve Rice on -
Congratulations on the Color Spotlight!

Annierita & Annisabelle on -
Quite something ! great image. Annierita

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